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60 Minutes - Treating Childhood Trauma

“Unless you fix the trauma... the hole in the soul - where the wounds started - you’re working on the wrong thing.”

For years we have had to watch well-meaning educators punishing children for the dysregulated stress responses that have been imposed on them, not by their own choices ("you made a bad choice there didn't you?!", growls the primary school teacher as she and her colleague 'team teach' hold-down a child who is in full flight or fight, can't hear a word and simply getting more retraumatised by the second...).

Please let this be the breakthrough that will allow New-Authority thinking to reach the institutions that we are meant to trust to look after our children. 🤞

Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Perry discuss developmental trauma and relational repair on this week’s 60 Minutes (airs 11th March)

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