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Introduction to NVR Workshop

Introduction to NVR Workshop

Time & Location

Dates & times TBC
Location is TBD


Nonviolent Resistance (NVR) is a powerful (yet gentle), ethically-sound philosophy & skills set to stop violent, aggressive and destructive behaviours in children and young people. It can enable adults to reconnect with their young charges, whilst (re)establishing a credible & strong position of supported authority.

NVR is effective even when the young person refuses to cooperate in the process.

The morning will be spent exploring the ‘New Authority’ thinking at the core of NVR, in preparation for an overview of NVR’s core methods that will follow in the afternoon. We’ll close with a discussion about your next steps in NVR.

This is a workshop for anyone who lives with or works with violent and destructive young people who do not respond to traditional reward and punishment/behaviour modification approaches - Parents (Biological, Step, Adoptive and Foster) and Professionals (Mental Health Professionals, Teachers, Social Care Professionals and Youth Service Professionals).